Revolution in Aqua fitness market. First in Europe bike for aqua training that can be folded. You don’t have space to keep your equipment ? This product is for you. Easy folding and even easier assembling.

Folding presented on AquaBike X PRO model:

Additionally, a mechanic ressistance to ensure a high level of exercise. It fits all sizes thanks to height regulation. Very big advantage is its light weight and carrying handle. Designed for everyday use in all type of water.

Best steel 100% stainless steel

Our products are made with highest quality stainless steel. Both Economic line and Exclusive version have additional anti-rust layer.

CE CE certyficate

AquaFitnessbike equipment complies with the European standard on general safety of products 2001/95 CE-EN 957-1

Best steel Warranty

Warranty time depends on version of products. Economic version - 1 year warranty for metal elements, Exclusive version - 5 years warranty for metal elements.

Regulation knob

Additional exercises

Rubber for additional exercises.

Each AquaBike X is equipped with rubber for training upper parts of body during session.

Comfortable saddle


Ergonomic foam saddle

Ergonomic foam saddle - made specially for our products. Created with high quality materials to give comfort for each client.

Profiled pedals

Profiled pedals.

Specially profiled pedals are made entirely from stainless steel resistant to water.

Specially profiled pedals are made entirely from stainless steel resistant to water. Hygienic use - antibacterial foam. Profile generates additional water resistance which makes exercise more effective.

Why choose AquaBike X ?

Recommended for:

Rehabilitation centers, Hotels, SPA, swimming pools and individual members.

Perfect for rehabilitation

No load on the joints + easier exercise in water enviroment.

Age limit

From 18 up to 120 years old.


Handlebar, saddle and base height regulation.


Lithweight and stable construction. Bike can be folded
Total weight: 18 kg.

Pool depth

From 90 cm up to 140 cm.