The AquaCapsule aquafitness spa is the perfect combination of fitness and fun. Its smooth shapes and gentle contours will fit in any place. Don't have pool and want to offer aquafitness ? AquaCapsule is the perfect mini pool for you and your customers. The source-temp feature keeps you at peak performance temperature during the most vigorous low-impact workout. Make the most of your place in the most dynamic AquaCapsule available!

Best steelWhy Choose Us

Our products are made with the best materials - quality controlled.

CECE certyficate

AquaCapsule complies with the general safety of products 2001/95 CE-EN 957-1.

Best steel Warranty

For shell: 4 years and for aquafitness equipment
5 years for all metal elements.

5 layer basin

AquaCapsule Wet-Fit is vacuum formed of the highest quality special thick acrylic. Several polyester layers reinforced with fiberglass guarantee one of the hardest shells available on market.

Tube shape

The unique design and shape of the pool basin let Wet-Fit offer a large space for exercises and comfortable place on back side to relax after the training.


Wet-Fit has seat equipped with hydrotherapy system. Jets are made with stainless steel and power regulation. Designed to massage all parts of body and give you maximum relax.

Tube isolation

Maintaining the water temperature in AquaCapsule Wet-Fit is easy and economical, because its basin is covered with a special thermal insulation. Materials used are four times thicker than commonly used on the market.

Ozone system

The standard Wet-Fit equipment uses a water ozonation system to oxygenate it, which prevents the formation of algae, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Waterproof tablet

AquaCapsule Wet-Fit is equipped with waterproof tablet for entertainment during exercise. No longer your workout has to be boring.



Length: 240 cm, Width: 75 cm, Height: 150 cm, Weight: 240 kg


230 V

Water capacity


Massage pump

3 HP pump

Cooldown space

4 massage zones: 6 jets of front side, 6 jets for back, 4 jets for calfs, 3 jets on left and right side.

Electric heater

Built in.